Syrian Students

Syria has made considerable investment and expenditures in the educational sector by making basic education free and compulsory for the grades 1 to 9. There has always been a strong demand for education by the public who see it as a means to grow upward and meet the needs of the society. But Syria still has to achieve a lot to make a pre- primary education accessible to all. Besides, there needs to be a marked development in the quality of education so that the human capital is sufficiently trained to improve the labor productivity. Syrian students seem to perform below the average expected standard in International test scores, in the field of Mathematics and Science. The need of the day is to train the students in the use of better and improved technology and communication to reach the global standards.

There has been a growing unemployment rate among the youth population that signifies the poor quality of education. It also signals the dearth of necessary infrastructure to cater to the needs of the growing population. The education system seems to churn out students who lack the necessary skills required in the labor market. Students, especially in the higher education streams and vocational education, need to be trained for specific skills so that their employability in the labor market is improved.

The political crisis in Syria has had a serious effect on the students. Apart from physical violence and instability, the crisis has affected the students psychologically. Students are torn by the disturbances in their country and their inner urge to improve it by education.

The situation is cities such as Aleppo and Damascus have been worst hit by overcrowded classrooms and lack of infrastructure. Students studying in the countryside have in most cases migrated to schools in Damascus due to their own schools being destroyed in the violence between the government army and the armed rebels. Many students have to live with tales of horror in which their relatives and friends have lost their lives in the bloodshed. The unfortunate thing is that gunmen have fired mortar rounds indiscriminately in areas where schools have also not been spared and had to suffer many casualties. During the unrest, many schools have faced complete destruction or have been damaged partially. Reconstruction costs millions of Syrian pounds. What keeps them going is the determination to move on amidst the growing crisis.

Many Syrian students studying abroad in countries such as UK also fear an uncertain future as they realize the dangers of their home situation and the plight of their families back home. Fear to return home is often the reason to buy a research paper or an essay. Many of these students worry about their right to continue their education in the UK as they have not been able to pay their fees since the crisis in Syria began. But in view of the inclement political and economic situation in Syria, students studying abroad in UK universities have enjoyed fee deferrals, assistance through hardship funds and counseling to help them complete their education without further hardships.

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